Jem K1 Hazer Ersatzteile


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Jem K1 Hazer Ersatzteile

Jem K1 Hazer Ersatzteile


  • Designed for service ease
  • Continuous output
  • Output and density level control
  • 5000 m³/min haze output
  • Integrated high velocity fan (variable fan speed)
  • 600 W heat exchanger
  • 2.5 liter fluid capacity
  • Low fluid consumption and longer hang-time for greater economy
  • Water based - no oil residue on light fixtures
  • Automated shut-down procedure to prevent clogging
  • On-board DMX, 3 & 5 pin
  • On-board control panel
  • Fast access set-up mode
  • Optional digital remote control
  • Silent Mode
  • Eco mode extends run time and improves fluid economy

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Capacitor 2uF, for R2E190 fan04030065Capacitor 2uF, for R2E190 fan
Fuse 3.15 AT, I*I*t=226.505020013Fuse 3.15 AT, I*I*t=226.5
Fuse 6.3 AT  5 x 20 mm05020020Fuse 6.3 AT 5 x 20 mm
Fuse 5A, 20mm05021026Fuse 5A, 20mm
Thermostat 35005041029Thermostat 350
Retaining spring for heatsink05061001Retaining spring for heatsink
Terminal block nylon 10amp05220504Terminal block nylon 10amp
Speakon Mains NAC3MPA chas.05222804Speakon Mains NAC3MPA chas.
XLR male 3-pin chass. NC3MPP05243001XLR male 3-pin chass. NC3MPP
Crimp Terminal AMP, 2.5405324104Crimp Terminal AMP, 2.54
Crimp Housing 4 pole, 2.5 AMP05324205Crimp Housing 4 pole, 2.5 AMP
Crimp Housing 3 pole, 2.5 Amp05324219Crimp Housing 3 pole, 2.5 Amp
Cable plug 4.8mm female single05328301Cable plug 4.8mm female single
Cable housing 4.8mm05328302Cable housing 4.8mm
Crimp non insulated05328408Crimp non insulated
Crimp blue piggy back05328409Crimp blue piggy back
Crimp insulating boot05328412Crimp insulating boot
Crimp 5mm blue eyelet d insula05329003Crimp 5mm blue eyelet d insula
PowerCon NAC3FCA Power Input Connector05342804PowerCon NAC3FCA Power Input Connector
Crimp red spade05348406Crimp red spade
Crimp 4ba red pins05348600Crimp 4ba red pins
Crimp blue fork05348601Crimp blue fork
Switch illuminated mains05523021Switch illuminated mains
Button f controler 10,7x10,7mm05550080Button f controler 10,7x10,7mm
Fan 190mm, radial s/inlet 230V05733207Fan 190mm, radial s/inlet 230V
Fan 12V DC, 92x92x25mm Axial05741901Fan 12V DC, 92x92x25mm Axial
Fan inlet ring, 190mm radial05749018Fan inlet ring, 190mm radial
92mm finger guard, K10574903592mm finger guard, K1
Pump air, VC0101 12Vac Pumpe05761013Pump air, VC0101 12Vac Pumpe
Pump 12V, Ulka Pumpe05761020Pump 12V, Ulka Pumpe
Check valve, 1/8-1/8 barb05764001Check valve, 1/8-1/8 barb
Battery 12V 2.1Ah rechargeable05802000Battery 12V 2.1Ah rechargeable
PSU UNI I/P, 12V/50W06150014PSU UNI I/P, 12V/50W
M3x6 ph pz black08050403M3x6 ph pz black
M3x16 ph pz black08050407M3x16 ph pz black
M3 nut lock PA shiny08052701M3 nut lock PA shiny
M3 washer 3,2/7x0,5 shiny08054301M3 washer 3,2/7x0,5 shiny
M3 washer lock 3,2/6 black08054401M3 washer lock 3,2/6 black
Washer M3 Belleville 3.2x8x0.308054405Washer M3 Belleville 3.2x8x0.3
M4x35 ph pz black VPE 5008070411M4x35 ph pz black VPE 50
M4x10 tapt black08070418M4x10 tapt black
M4x16 ph pz black08070419M4x16 ph pz black
M4x10 ph pz black08070422M4x10 ph pz black
M4x10 pz tapt bzp08070426M4x10 pz tapt bzp
M4 nut lock PA shiny08072701M4 nut lock PA shiny
M4 washer lock 4,3/8 black08074401M4 washer lock 4,3/8 black
M5 Washer, black08094303M5 Washer, black
Clip P type brass 4.8mm08105010Clip P type brass 4.8mm
M8x25 Hex cap screw black08131002M8x25 Hex cap screw black
M8 hex half nut bzp08132605M8 hex half nut bzp
M8 Hex lock nut PA-insert08132701M8 Hex lock nut PA-insert
M8 washer 8,4/16x1,6 black VPE 10008134301M8 washer 8,4/16x1,6 black VPE 100
M10 Hex nut brass08152603M10 Hex nut brass
2.9x9.5 C. rec. Ph. Selftap bl081901042.9x9.5 C. rec. Ph. Selftap bl
Screw no6x1/4 self tapper p08190108Screw no6x1/4 self tapper p
3.2x10 Pop rivet steel black082201053.2x10 Pop rivet steel black
3.2x14 Pop Rivet Alu/steel bla082201063.2x14 Pop Rivet Alu/steel bla
Rivet earthing08220705Rivet earthing
Rivet, earthing twin 6.3 tag08220706Rivet, earthing twin 6.3 tag
Hose clamp 7.9-9.2 plastic08250105Hose clamp 7.9-9.2 plastic
Hose clamp 5.6-6.8 plastic08250111Hose clamp 5.6-6.8 plastic
Hose Band, 7.0-7.5mm08250117Hose Band, 7.0-7.5mm
Spacer D6.4  d4.2  L4 plastic08260117Spacer D6.4 d4.2 L4 plastic
Spacer  Snap-PCB / selftap   ,08261204Spacer Snap-PCB / selftap ,
Spacer, 08261208Spacer,
Washer m8 shakeproof08261314Washer m8 shakeproof
Mains Lead 1.0mm P/con Compact/Hazer Pro11501041Mains Lead 1.0mm P/con Compact/Hazer Pro
Cable clamp13101006Cable clamp
Snap in Cable Tie13101016Snap in Cable Tie
Strap, black, 2.5x100mm13104001Strap, black, 2.5x100mm
Cable tie large releasable13104008Cable tie large releasable
Cable clamp self adhesive smal13104031Cable clamp self adhesive smal
Myoflex PVS,0.35mm,0.91x50m ro14002412Myoflex PVS,0.35mm,0.91x50m ro
Plastic tube  d=4 D=614026002Plastic tube d=4 D=6
Tube rubber  d=4,0  D=9 (for m14026004Tube rubber d=4,0 D=9 (for m
Tubing, silicon, d=5 D=814026026Tubing, silicon, d=5 D=8
Heatshrink 12.7mm black15803013Heatshrink 12.7mm black
Sleeve mains, Powercon15804006Sleeve mains, Powercon
PVC sleeving 6mm, black15807005PVC sleeving 6mm, black
PVC sleeving 10mm, black15807006PVC sleeving 10mm, black
Plate for xlr-plugs,M2000,18360070Plate for xlr-plugs,M2000,
Handle,Rumbled 350mm, K1 Hazer19200380Handle,Rumbled 350mm, K1 Hazer
Handle,Rumbled 500mm, K1 Hazer19200385Handle,Rumbled 500mm, K1 Hazer
Handle, polyamide end19200390Handle, polyamide end
Rubber foot 25x15mm. Black19440040Rubber foot 25x15mm. Black
Neoprene ring, 20600650Neoprene ring,
Cap push in plastic, M8 Black20820065Cap push in plastic, M8 Black
Flexiplug M8, bottle dust cap20820090Flexiplug M8, bottle dust cap
Cap 3.9 x 13mm, Black PVC20820110Cap 3.9 x 13mm, Black PVC
Screw connection for piston pu26460030Screw connection for piston pu
Hose fitting, 4mm straight26460430Hose fitting, 4mm straight
Hose fitting, 5mm Y26460440Hose fitting, 5mm Y
Adaptor, Tee 1/8/1/8/18 brass26460470Adaptor, Tee 1/8/1/8/18 brass
Adaptor,straight 1/8 1/8 brass26460471Adaptor,straight 1/8 1/8 brass
1/8 BSPT x 3/16 hosetail264608101/8 BSPT x 3/16 hosetail
Sealed nipple26460870Sealed nipple
Fluid filter pe moulded26480020Fluid filter pe moulded
Filter, inline 1/8-1/8 barb26480060Filter, inline 1/8-1/8 barb
Voltaflex, Jem K126520626Voltaflex, Jem K1
Pump bracket, ZR24/726564680Pump bracket, ZR24/7
Spacer, Mini Mac display26564700Spacer, Mini Mac display
Display pcb mount, Hazer90026567470Display pcb mount, Hazer900
Base, Jem K1 Hazer26568170Base, Jem K1 Hazer
Front panel, Jem K1 Hazer26568175Front panel, Jem K1 Hazer
Rear panel, Jem K1 Hazer26568180Rear panel, Jem K1 Hazer
Left hand duct, Jem K1 Hazer26568185Left hand duct, Jem K1 Hazer
Right hand duct, Jem K1 Hazer26568190Right hand duct, Jem K1 Hazer
Fan mount plate, Jem K1 Hazer26568195Fan mount plate, Jem K1 Hazer
Fan spacer, Jem K1 Hazer26568200Fan spacer, Jem K1 Hazer
Side panel left, Jem K1 Hazer26568205Side panel left, Jem K1 Hazer
Side panel right, Jem K1 Hazer26568210Side panel right, Jem K1 Hazer
Duct top, Jem K1 Hazer26568215Duct top, Jem K1 Hazer
Duct side, Jem K1 Hazer26568220Duct side, Jem K1 Hazer
Air inlet body, Jem K1 Hazer26568225Air inlet body, Jem K1 Hazer
Air inlet front, Jem K1 Hazer26568230Air inlet front, Jem K1 Hazer
Air inlet rear, Jem K1 Hazer26568235Air inlet rear, Jem K1 Hazer
Bottle panel, Jem K1 Hazer26568240Bottle panel, Jem K1 Hazer
Duct rear, Jem K1 Hazer26568245Duct rear, Jem K1 Hazer
Display panel, Jem K1 Hazer26568250Display panel, Jem K1 Hazer
Duct angle, Jem K1 Hazer26568255Duct angle, Jem K1 Hazer
Deflector angle, Jem K1 Hazer26568260Deflector angle, Jem K1 Hazer
Block case body, Jem K1 Hazer26568265Block case body, Jem K1 Hazer
Block case rear, Jem K1 Hazer26568270Block case rear, Jem K1 Hazer
Block case front, Jem K1 Hazer26568275Block case front, Jem K1 Hazer
Block case lid, Jem K1 Hazer26568280Block case lid, Jem K1 Hazer
Capacitor bkt, Jem K1 Hazer26568285Capacitor bkt, Jem K1 Hazer
Power supply bkt, Jem K1 Hazer26568290Power supply bkt, Jem K1 Hazer
Heatsink, Jem K1 Hazer26568295Heatsink, Jem K1 Hazer
Fan corner, Jem K1 Hazer26568300Fan corner, Jem K1 Hazer
Axial fan mount, Jem K1 Hazer26568305Axial fan mount, Jem K1 Hazer
Axial air intake, Jem K1 Hazer26568310Axial air intake, Jem K1 Hazer
Nozzle plate, Jem K1 Hazer26568315Nozzle plate, Jem K1 Hazer
Block case angle, Jem K1 Hazer26568330Block case angle, Jem K1 Hazer
Kiss switch plate,Jem K1 Hazer26568335Kiss switch plate,Jem K1 Hazer
Air pump bracket, K126568605Air pump bracket, K1
Axial fan Plate, K126568610Axial fan Plate, K1
Mesh Guard, K126568615Mesh Guard, K1
PowerCon back plate26568620PowerCon back plate
Grommet open 6.432021005Grommet open 6.4
Grommet 7-10mm cable retention32021009Grommet 7-10mm cable retention
Overlay,JEM MF14 display33001106Overlay,JEM MF14 display
Label, Replace fuse PCB(EN/FR)33120100Label, Replace fuse PCB(EN/FR)
Label thermal trip33130035Label thermal trip
Label display, K1 Hazer33140087Label display, K1 Hazer
Label FX-2 yellow warning tria33150028Label FX-2 yellow warning tria
Label, Caution-shock (ENG/FR)33150074Label, Caution-shock (ENG/FR)
Label, Use K1 fluid33150099Label, Use K1 fluid
Label, Digital technology33180090Label, Digital technology
Cardboard box, K1 Hazer34040042Cardboard box, K1 Hazer
Container 2.5 ltr34300521Container 2.5 ltr
Plastic cap , for JEM  1L, 2.5L, 5L VPE 10 Stück34320002Plastic cap , for JEM 1L, 2.5L, 5L VPE 10 Stück
Display assembly, K156230005Display assembly, K1
Fan assembly,240V K156230006Fan assembly,240V K1
12V Fan assembly, K15623000812V Fan assembly, K1
Fluid out assembly, K156230009Fluid out assembly, K1
Silicon tube, K156230010Silicon tube, K1
PCBA XLR5,Male/Female62021021PCBA XLR5,Male/Female
PCBA Smd&Thru Hole,Jem K1,Swit62021045PCBA Smd&Thru Hole,Jem K1,Swit
PCBA dmx, K1 Hazer 230V62021046PCBA dmx, K1 Hazer 230V
PCBA 14 seg display cw header62021523PCBA 14 seg display cw header
PCBA K1 Pump & Pwr, 230V62021551PCBA K1 Pump & Pwr, 230V
Loom, thermal 240V, Jem K1/Ready 36562203714Loom, thermal 240V, Jem K1/Ready 365
Loom, 12V, Jem K162203715Loom, 12V, Jem K1
Loom, low voltage, Jem K162203716Loom, low voltage, Jem K1
Loom, High voltage, Jem K162203717Loom, High voltage, Jem K1
Loom, Mains Input, K162203722Loom, Mains Input, K1
Loom, Fuse Holder 240V K162203724Loom, Fuse Holder 240V K1
Loom, Display K1/Ready 36562203730Loom, Display K1/Ready 365
Fluid line assembly sealed K162520078Fluid line assembly sealed K1

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