MAC 101 Ersatzteile


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Nicht mehr verfügbar. (Discontinued)

MAC 101 Ersatzteile

MAC 101 Ersatzteile



  • Agile RBG LED Wash-Beam light
  • Color calibrated
  • 2400 lm output
  • Bright and tight beam (13° field angle)
  • Smooth, electronic dimming
  • Ultra-compact, low weight design (3.7 kg)
  • Rapid movement – the fastest MAC ever
  • High efficiency, low power consumption, long lifetime

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Fuse 5 AT05020018Fuse 5 AT
Thermostat 9005040048Thermostat 90
Retaining clip for heatsink05061006Retaining clip for heatsink
Thermal Pad, MAC 10105061031Thermal Pad, MAC 101
Thermal Pad w. glue 22x40mm05061032Thermal Pad w. glue 22x40mm
Soft button for Tact switch05550081Soft button for Tact switch
Step motor 17PM-K153-02VS 05701662Step motor 17PM-K153-02VS
FAN 60x60x25 Axial 4-wire DC 24V05741601FAN 60x60x25 Axial 4-wire DC 24V
M2,5x6 ph torx black08030705M2,5x6 ph torx black
M3x6 ph torx black08050702M3x6 ph torx black
M3x4 ph torx black08050715M3x4 ph torx black
M3x6 cs torx black08050802M3x6 cs torx black
M3x8 cs torx black08050803M3x8 cs torx black
M3x10 cs torx tapt black08050805M3x10 cs torx tapt black
M3x6 cs torx tapt black08050808M3x6 cs torx tapt black
M4x10 ph torx tapt spike black08070701M4x10 ph torx tapt spike black
M4x6 ph torx tapt spike black08070702M4x6 ph torx tapt spike black
M4x10 bh torx black08070709M4x10 bh torx black
M4x12 bh torx black08070710M4x12 bh torx black
M4x30 bh torx black08070714M4x30 bh torx black
M4x10 cs torx black08070806M4x10 cs torx black
M4x5 set allen raw08071501M4x5 set allen raw
M4x10 set allen raw08071505M4x10 set allen raw
M4 nut lock PA shiny08072701M4 nut lock PA shiny
M4 washer lock 4,3/8 black08074401M4 washer lock 4,3/8 black
M5x10 ch allen black08091212M5x10 ch allen black
M12x40 cs allen shiny08171305M12x40 cs allen shiny
Eco-syn 3,5x8 ph pz black08200105Eco-syn 3,5x8 ph pz black
TC1 2,9x9,5 ph torx black08200124TC1 2,9x9,5 ph torx black
Eco-syn 5x16 ph torx black08200127Eco-syn 5x16 ph torx black
Eco-syn 4x16 ph torx black08200128Eco-syn 4x16 ph torx black
DELTA PT 4x12 cs torx black08200129DELTA PT 4x12 cs torx black
Eco-syn 3x12 ph torx black08200131Eco-syn 3x12 ph torx black
Wire Harness Mains MAC101 Base11851042Wire Harness Mains MAC101 Base
Wire Harness MAC101 Base-Head11860339Wire Harness MAC101 Base-Head
Wire Harness MAC101 Yoke-Head11860340Wire Harness MAC101 Yoke-Head
Wire Harness MAC101 Head-Pixel11860347Wire Harness MAC101 Head-Pixel
Strap,black,high temp,2.5x9813104000Strap,black,high temp,2.5x98
Rubber grommet DA 60/90/2013200007Rubber grommet DA 60/90/20
Rubber grommet DA 80/110/2013200012Rubber grommet DA 80/110/20
Rubber grommet DA 60/100/3013200017Rubber grommet DA 60/100/30
Protector for wires13201017Protector for wires
Timing wheel S3M-16 w5 16001440Timing wheel S3M-16 w5
Timing belt 40 S3M 33916040720Timing belt 40 S3M 339
Timing belt 40 S3M 36316040730Timing belt 40 S3M 363
Bearing 35/47x7 61807-ZZ N316760530Bearing 35/47x7 61807-ZZ N3
Opto Encoder Wheel18400180Opto Encoder Wheel
Yoke Cover23403020Yoke Cover
Base Cover23403030Base Cover
Spill Ring23403080Spill Ring
Tilt Stop Plate23819930Tilt Stop Plate
Yoke Chassis23819940Yoke Chassis
Bracket for Shell23819950Bracket for Shell
Opto sensor plate23820090Opto sensor plate
Lock plate23820346Lock plate
Self adhesive PVC Foam 1,5mm32023018Self adhesive PVC Foam 1,5mm
Power Supply insulation DMD33002534Power Supply insulation DMD
Cardboard box MAC 10134000184Cardboard box MAC 101
Foam half for MAC 10134204077Foam half for MAC 101
Plastic bag 500x600x0,02mm34240015Plastic bag 500x600x0,02mm
Loctite 243 10ml37021002Loctite 243 10ml
Front lens for MAC 10141350050Front lens for MAC 101
Base MAC 10155231600Base MAC 101
Yoke MAC 10155231610Yoke MAC 101
Head MAC 10155231620Head MAC 101
PCBA Mainboard62006035PCBA Mainboard
PCBA Dual Fork Circle62006037PCBA Dual Fork Circle
PCBA PSU 100w62006039PCBA PSU 100w
PCBA OPTO Sensor 162006041PCBA OPTO Sensor 1
PCBA OPTO Sensor 262006042PCBA OPTO Sensor 2
PCBA OPTO Sensor 362006043PCBA OPTO Sensor 3
Bracket for Motor assy62409236Bracket for Motor assy
Timing wheel assy62409238Timing wheel assy
Pan stop ring assy62409239Pan stop ring assy
Pan bearing retainer with pan shaft62409248Pan bearing retainer with pan shaft
Head Cover with Fan Grill62409253Head Cover with Fan Grill
Timing Wheel encoder assy62409255Timing Wheel encoder assy
MAC 101 base black w. silkprint62410048MAC 101 base black w. silkprint

Technische Daten

MAC 101  Ersatzteile Technische Daten Technische-Daten.pdf 156.14 kB

Handbücher & weitere Dokumente

MAC 101  Ersatzteile Technische Daten MAC 101 Serie - Bedienungsanleitung.pdf 793.02 kB