Magnum 2500Hz 240V


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Magnum 2500Hz 240V

Magnum 2500Hz 240V


  • Optional DMX interface
  • Timer and output level remote control
  • Internal remote control storage
  • Continuous output
  • Output and density level control
  • 2500 m³/min fog output 
  • Integrated fan
  • Linkable - up to 4 units can be operated at the same time with one remote. DMX - unlimited channels are available
  • 900 W heat exchanger
  • 3.8 liter fluid capacity
  • Fluid-out sensing

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Fuse 3.15 AT, I*I*t=226.505020013Fuse 3.15 AT, I*I*t=226.5
Fuse 6.3 AT  5 x 20 mm05020020Fuse 6.3 AT 5 x 20 mm
Thermostat 35005041029Thermostat 350
Mains soc. chassis, snapin,IEC05247206Mains soc. chassis, snapin,IEC
Header 3way end connector05323504Header 3way end connector
Header 6way end connector05323508Header 6way end connector
Cable plug 4.8mm female single05328301Cable plug 4.8mm female single
Cable housing 4.8mm05328302Cable housing 4.8mm
Crimp non insulated05328408Crimp non insulated
Crimp insulating boot05328412Crimp insulating boot
Crimp red spade05348406Crimp red spade
Switch illuminated mains05523021Switch illuminated mains
Button f controler 10,7x10,7mm05550080Button f controler 10,7x10,7mm
Knob for ZR22 dmx remote05551044Knob for ZR22 dmx remote
Pump nme 2 240v 50hz. Pumpe05761005Pump nme 2 240v 50hz. Pumpe
M3x4 ph pz black08050401M3x4 ph pz black
M3x10 ph pz black08050416M3x10 ph pz black
M3 nut black08052601M3 nut black
M3 nut lock PA shiny08052701M3 nut lock PA shiny
M3x6 stand off f/f nylon08053804M3x6 stand off f/f nylon
M3 washer lock 3,2/6 black08054401M3 washer lock 3,2/6 black
M4x10 tapt black08070418M4x10 tapt black
M4x10 ph pz black08070422M4x10 ph pz black
M4x8 ph pz black08070423M4x8 ph pz black
M4 nut lock PA shiny08072701M4 nut lock PA shiny
M4 washer lock 4,3/8 black08074401M4 washer lock 4,3/8 black
Clip P type brass 4.8mm08105010Clip P type brass 4.8mm
Screw m6x12 m/c pozzi ph bl08110402Screw m6x12 m/c pozzi ph bl
M6 Lock washer raw08114401M6 Lock washer raw
M10 Hex nut brass08152603M10 Hex nut brass
2.9x9.5 C. rec. Ph. Selftap bl081901042.9x9.5 C. rec. Ph. Selftap bl
Screw no6x1/4 self tapper p08190108Screw no6x1/4 self tapper p
Screw no8X3/8 self tapper08190410Screw no8X3/8 self tapper
3.2x10 Pop rivet steel black082201053.2x10 Pop rivet steel black
3.2x6 Rivet Cs, alu head/steel082201203.2x6 Rivet Cs, alu head/steel
Rivet earthing08220705Rivet earthing
Hose clamp 7.9-9.2 plastic08250105Hose clamp 7.9-9.2 plastic
Hose clamp 9.2-10.8 plastic08250107Hose clamp 9.2-10.8 plastic
Catch magnetic08250312Catch magnetic
Spacer  Snap-PCB / selftap   ,08261204Spacer Snap-PCB / selftap ,
Spacer, 08261208Spacer,
Mounting block,PCB,nylon08261212Mounting block,PCB,nylon
1.5 m power cable, 3-pin IEC115010121.5 m power cable, 3-pin IEC
RJ45 remotecable, Mag 150011840101RJ45 remotecable, Mag 1500
Cable clamp13101006Cable clamp
Snap in Cable Tie13101016Snap in Cable Tie
Strap, black, 2.5x100mm13104001Strap, black, 2.5x100mm
Cable clamp self adhesive smal13104031Cable clamp self adhesive smal
Myoflex PVS,0.35mm,0.91x50m ro14002412Myoflex PVS,0.35mm,0.91x50m ro
Plastic tube  d=4 D=614026002Plastic tube d=4 D=6
Tube rubber  d=4,0  D=9 (for m14026004Tube rubber d=4,0 D=9 (for m
Heatshrink 12.7mm black15803013Heatshrink 12.7mm black
Hinge, 38.1 x 25.4 blk plastic19040121Hinge, 38.1 x 25.4 blk plastic
Handle, Mag 1200/180019200290Handle, Mag 1200/1800
Hose fitting,elbow,4mm26460465Hose fitting,elbow,4mm
Hosetail 4mm Tube, Barb26460580Hosetail 4mm Tube, Barb
Sealed nipple26460870Sealed nipple
Fluid filter pe moulded26480020Fluid filter pe moulded
Superwool Kit, Mag2500HZ26520615Superwool Kit, Mag2500HZ
Voltaflex, 78mmx49mm26520625Voltaflex, 78mmx49mm
Perforated insert, Magnum120026567715Perforated insert, Magnum1200
DMX Blanking Plate, Magnum26567740DMX Blanking Plate, Magnum
Magnet Bracket, Mag1800/120026567790Magnet Bracket, Mag1800/1200
Chassis, Mag2500HZ26568035Chassis, Mag2500HZ
Cover Assembly, Mag2500HZ26568040Cover Assembly, Mag2500HZ
Centre Partition, Mag2500HZ26568045Centre Partition, Mag2500HZ
Bottle Comp. Cover Mag2500HZ26568050Bottle Comp. Cover Mag2500HZ
Bottle Compartment, Mag2500HZ26568055Bottle Compartment, Mag2500HZ
Rear Partition, Mag2500HZ26568060Rear Partition, Mag2500HZ
Electronics Plinth, Mag2500HZ26568065Electronics Plinth, Mag2500HZ
Upper Air Duct, Mag2500HZ26568070Upper Air Duct, Mag2500HZ
Lower Air Duct, Mag2500HZ26568075Lower Air Duct, Mag2500HZ
Air Duct Insert Left,Mag2500HZ26568080Air Duct Insert Left,Mag2500HZ
AirDuct Insert Right,Mag2500HZ26568085AirDuct Insert Right,Mag2500HZ
Air Duct Cover, Mag2500HZ26568090Air Duct Cover, Mag2500HZ
Fan Bracket, Mag2500HZ26568095Fan Bracket, Mag2500HZ
Block Case, Mag2500HZ26568100Block Case, Mag2500HZ
Block Case Top, Mag2500HZ26568105Block Case Top, Mag2500HZ
Block SupportBracket,Mag2500HZ26568110Block SupportBracket,Mag2500HZ
Block Mounting Bracket,Mag250026568115Block Mounting Bracket,Mag2500
Block Mounting Support,Mag250026568120Block Mounting Support,Mag2500
Pump Bracket, Mag2500HZ26568125Pump Bracket, Mag2500HZ
Heatsink, Mag2500HZ26568135Heatsink, Mag2500HZ
Nozzle trim plate, Mag2500HZ26568140Nozzle trim plate, Mag2500HZ
Rubber foot VPE 10 Stück32020504Rubber foot VPE 10 Stück
Grommet open 11.1mm32021002Grommet open 11.1mm
Grommet open 6.432021005Grommet open 6.4
Grommet 7-10mm cable retention32021009Grommet 7-10mm cable retention
Label, Replace fuse PCB(EN/FR)33120100Label, Replace fuse PCB(EN/FR)
Label thermal trip33130035Label thermal trip
Label FX-2 yellow warning tria33150028Label FX-2 yellow warning tria
Label, Hazer shut-down33150064Label, Hazer shut-down
Label,use Jem/Martin haze flui33150066Label,use Jem/Martin haze flui
Label, Caution-shock (ENG/FR)33150074Label, Caution-shock (ENG/FR)
Plastic bag, 600x85034240006Plastic bag, 600x850
Container 3.8L, Mag 1800/250034300537Container 3.8L, Mag 1800/2500
Fan assy, Mag2500Hz, 230V56228035Fan assy, Mag2500Hz, 230V
PCBA Filter62009516PCBA Filter
PCBA, Mag2500HZ, 240v62020094PCBA, Mag2500HZ, 240v
PCBA 2500Hz Remote Cont, Tested62021524PCBA 2500Hz Remote Cont, Tested
PCBA RJ45x2,Mag 1200/180062022507PCBA RJ45x2,Mag 1200/1800
High Voltage Loom,240V,Mag250062203707High Voltage Loom,240V,Mag2500
Low Voltage Loom, Mag2500HZ62203708Low Voltage Loom, Mag2500HZ
Thermal Loom, Mag2500HZ62203709Thermal Loom, Mag2500HZ
Fluid line assy Magnum 2500HZ62520076Fluid line assy Magnum 2500HZ
Absorbant material 145*68mm M250062540003Absorbant material 145*68mm M2500
Pump Assy Mag2500hz 240v Pumpe62542020Pump Assy Mag2500hz 240v Pumpe

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