Magnum Club Smoke Ersatzteile


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Magnum Club Smoke Ersatzteile

Magnum Club Smoke Ersatzteile


  • Onboard DMX
  • Multifunctional remote control
  • Truss mounting
  • Continuous output
  • 500 m³/min fog output (per head)
  • 1000 W heat exchanger
  • 7 min heat-up time
  • 10 liter fluid capacity
  • Different fluid options for different applications
  • Base unit allows heads to be positioned up to 50 meters away 
  • Up to 4 heads in one system

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Potentiometer 100k linear pcb04220034Potentiometer 100k linear pcb
Fuse 3.15 AT, I*I*t=226.505020013Fuse 3.15 AT, I*I*t=226.5
Pcb fluid sensor c/w fluid int05050002Pcb fluid sensor c/w fluid int
Xlr 3pin male chassis mount05243002Xlr 3pin male chassis mount
Mains soc. chassis,flange  I.E05247203Mains soc. chassis,flange I.E
Header 3way end connector05323504Header 3way end connector
Header 4way end connector05323506Header 4way end connector
Header 6way end connector05323508Header 6way end connector
Crimp non insulated05328408Crimp non insulated
Crimp blue piggy back05328409Crimp blue piggy back
Crimp insulating boot05328412Crimp insulating boot
Crimp 5mm blue eyelet d insula05329003Crimp 5mm blue eyelet d insula
Switch latching push pcb mount05501402Switch latching push pcb mount
Switch non latch push pcb moun05501403Switch non latch push pcb moun
Switch illuminated mains05523021Switch illuminated mains
Cap red push in for remotes05550006Cap red push in for remotes
Cap grey push in for remotes05550007Cap grey push in for remotes
Knob for ZR22 dmx remote05551044Knob for ZR22 dmx remote
Piston Pump     240V / 50Hz   Pumpe05761003Piston Pump 240V / 50Hz Pumpe
Rubber Washer for piston Pump05769002Rubber Washer for piston Pump
M3x6 ph pz black08050403M3x6 ph pz black
M3x10 ph pz black08050416M3x10 ph pz black
M3 nut black08052601M3 nut black
M3 nut lock PA shiny08052701M3 nut lock PA shiny
M3x10 stand off f/f black08053837M3x10 stand off f/f black
M4x10 tapt black08070418M4x10 tapt black
M4x8 ph pz black08070423M4x8 ph pz black
M4x10 finger screw for washer08072302M4x10 finger screw for washer
M4 nut lock PA shiny08072701M4 nut lock PA shiny
M4 washer lock 4,3/8 black08074401M4 washer lock 4,3/8 black
M4 vistop push-on washer shiny08074402M4 vistop push-on washer shiny
M6x20 black08110403M6x20 black
Nut m6 nyloc08112703Nut m6 nyloc
Screw no6x1/4 self tapper p08190108Screw no6x1/4 self tapper p
3.2x10 Pop rivet steel black082201053.2x10 Pop rivet steel black
Catch magnetic08250312Catch magnetic
Spacer m3x15mm plastic08260123Spacer m3x15mm plastic
Bush strain relief08260150Bush strain relief
Spacer  Snap-PCB / selftap   ,08261204Spacer Snap-PCB / selftap ,
1.5 m power cable, 3-pin IEC115010121.5 m power cable, 3-pin IEC
Cable 6core remotes11840027Cable 6core remotes
Strap, black, 2.5x100mm13104001Strap, black, 2.5x100mm
Plastic tube  d=4 D=614026002Plastic tube d=4 D=6
Tube rubber  d=4,0  D=9 (for m14026004Tube rubber d=4,0 D=9 (for m
Conduit flexible pvc 12mm x 1615804015Conduit flexible pvc 12mm x 16
Plate for xlr-plugs,M2000,18360070Plate for xlr-plugs,M2000,
115mm Handle black19200030115mm Handle black
Feet 20.6mm square adhesve19440060Feet 20.6mm square adhesve
Adaptor c16 metric Swilvel26460380Adaptor c16 metric Swilvel
Adaptor c16 straight fixed26460390Adaptor c16 straight fixed
Hose fitting, 5mm Y26460440Hose fitting, 5mm Y
Straight, 1/8 bsp-6mm push on26460500Straight, 1/8 bsp-6mm push on
Fluid filter pe moulded26480020Fluid filter pe moulded
Chassis main clubsmoke pump26562310Chassis main clubsmoke pump
Profile left hand clubsmoke cl26562320Profile left hand clubsmoke cl
Profile right hand clubsmoke p26562330Profile right hand clubsmoke p
Door pump clubsmoke26562340Door pump clubsmoke
Bracket wall clubsmoke pump26562350Bracket wall clubsmoke pump
Cover cable clubsmoke pump I26562360Cover cable clubsmoke pump I
Hinge door clubsmoke pump26562370Hinge door clubsmoke pump
Bracket clubsmoke pump26562380Bracket clubsmoke pump
Heatsink t/s-haze/clubsmoke/AF26562780Heatsink t/s-haze/clubsmoke/AF
Grommet open 20mm32021004Grommet open 20mm
Label clubsmoke service module33130041Label clubsmoke service module
Label, Mag Club Smoke r/h33130061Label, Mag Club Smoke r/h
Label fluid out when lit33140039Label fluid out when lit
Label warning large in red33150026Label warning large in red
Label warning mains/cover in y VPE 10 Stück33150027Label warning mains/cover in y VPE 10 Stück
Label, Use Jem/Martin fluid VPE 2533150040Label, Use Jem/Martin fluid VPE 25
Label CE33190002Label CE
WEEE label, black VPE 1033190082WEEE label, black VPE 10
Container 10  ltr34300520Container 10 ltr
Bottle cap for 10 Ltr bottle34320009Bottle cap for 10 Ltr bottle
PCBA Jem club pump,230v test62020014PCBA Jem club pump,230v test
PCBA Jem Smoke dmx recive test62021000PCBA Jem Smoke dmx recive test
PCBA t/haze fluid interface62021504PCBA t/haze fluid interface
Loom mains assembly pump unit62203523Loom mains assembly pump unit
Loom cab 6core c/w header clu62203524Loom cab 6core c/w header clu
Loom low voltage c/w header p62203525Loom low voltage c/w header p
Loom dmx c/w header club smok62203526Loom dmx c/w header club smok
Loom fluid sensor universal c/62203550Loom fluid sensor universal c/
Pipe rubber epdm 4*9(10cm)62520028Pipe rubber epdm 4*9(10cm)
Fluid line assy Club Pump62520049Fluid line assy Club Pump

Technische Daten

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