MAC 250 Ersatzteile

MAC 250 Ersatzteile

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This exciting profile spot moving head is a unique combination of intelligence and beauty... mehr
Produktinformationen "MAC 250 Ersatzteile"

This exciting profile spot moving head is a unique combination of intelligence and beauty and has been designed as a compact version of the highly successful MAC 500.

  • 250W MSD lamp
  • Automatic Feedback System
  • Continuous rotation color wheel
  • Continuous rotation gobo wheel
  • Convenient ¼ turn fasteners
  • Modular Construction for easy maintenance
  • MP2 updates the software over the DMX link
  • PAN/TILT range of 540°/289°
  • Silent fan cooling
  • User Configurable Lens System
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Martin Socket hal.lamp, GY9,5, (M38)05221205Martin Socket hal.lamp, GY9,5, (M38)
Martin Microswitch 5A/250V no legs05520503Martin Microswitch 5A/250V no legs
Martin Step motor KH42HM2-017 Ø5/2405701601Martin Step motor KH42HM2-017 Ø5/24
Martin Step motor 17PM-K004-09V Ø5/2405701602Martin Step motor 17PM-K004-09V Ø5/24
Martin Fan 12V DC Brushless 80mm05741801Martin Fan 12V DC Brushless 80mm
Martin Guard for fan 305749001Martin Guard for fan 3
Martin M3x6 ph torx black08050702Martin M3x6 ph torx black
Martin M3x8 cs torx black08050803Martin M3x8 cs torx black
Martin M3x7 stand off m5/f3,5 black08053806Martin M3x7 stand off m5/f3,5 black
Martin M4x12 cs pz black08070502Martin M4x12 cs pz black
Martin M4x12 bh torx black08070710Martin M4x12 bh torx black
Martin M6 nut lock PA shiny08112701Martin M6 nut lock PA shiny
Martin PT 2,9x6,5 ph torx black08200102Martin PT 2,9x6,5 ph torx black
Martin PT 5x12 ph pz black08200107Martin PT 5x12 ph pz black
Martin Scheibe, Durchmesser 5mm Ø5 starlock brown08230113Martin Scheibe, Durchmesser 5mm Ø5 starlock brown
Martin 1/4 turn 4mm retaining spring08240106Martin 1/4 turn 4mm retaining spring
Martin 1/4 turn 4mm receptacle08240109Martin 1/4 turn 4mm receptacle
Martin 1/4 turn fastener, wingbolt08240113Martin 1/4 turn fastener, wingbolt
Wire yellow/green 1x0,75# 20cm11040516Wire yellow/green 1x0,75# 20cm
Martin Wire yellow/green 1x0,75# 11cm11040525Martin Wire yellow/green 1x0,75# 11cm
Martin Wire ye/gr 1x0,75#uL siff 30cm11320501Martin Wire ye/gr 1x0,75#uL siff 30cm
Mains cable I.E.C. 3pin  , 3 m11501013Mains cable I.E.C. 3pin , 3 m
5m DMX cable 3P male/3P female XLR118200085m DMX cable 3P male/3P female XLR
Wire for Fan 300mm,mac250/30011860069Wire for Fan 300mm,mac250/300
Martin Strap,black,high temp,2.5x9813104000Martin Strap,black,high temp,2.5x98
Martin Strap, black, 3.6x140mm13104003Martin Strap, black, 3.6x140mm
Martin 5/9/12mm Rubber nibble pla13200000Martin 5/9/12mm Rubber nibble pla
Martin Tube rubber  d=4,0  D=9 (for m14026004Martin Tube rubber d=4,0 D=9 (for m
Silicone tube 3/7 transparent14026013Silicone tube 3/7 transparent
Martin Sleeve flexible ,hose  5mm, bl15800000Martin Sleeve flexible ,hose 5mm, bl
Martin Silicon/glas sleeve  d=7mm ,Bl15802003Martin Silicon/glas sleeve d=7mm ,Bl
Martin Timing wheel S3M-16 w6 ø6,3516000060Martin Timing wheel S3M-16 w6 ø6,35
Timing wheel T2,5 z=24 wide16000120Timing wheel T2,5 z=24 wide
Timing wheel T2,5-62 M50016000160Timing wheel T2,5-62 M500
Martin Timing belt 40 S3M 48616040050Martin Timing belt 40 S3M 486
Martin Timing belt 40 S3M 56416040090Martin Timing belt 40 S3M 564
Martin Timing belt T2,5-200-04 CF16040440Martin Timing belt T2,5-200-04 CF
Martin Belt Viton d75,87 w2,6216120070Martin Belt Viton d75,87 w2,62
Martin Belt Viton d66,34 w2,6216120080Martin Belt Viton d66,34 w2,62
Martin Belt Viton d133,07 w1,7816120100Martin Belt Viton d133,07 w1,78
Spindel for focus, Effect modu16170020Spindel for focus, Effect modu
Martin Plasticguide for focusmodule,16170030Martin Plasticguide for focusmodule,
Adaptor w. 5mm hole16300131Adaptor w. 5mm hole
Martin Sliding bearing d=6, Special16700022Martin Sliding bearing d=6, Special
Shaft for bearing, MAC60016720110Shaft for bearing, MAC600
Martin Bearing 8/22x7 608-ZZ16760021Martin Bearing 8/22x7 608-ZZ
Bearing 25/37x7 6180516760060Bearing 25/37x7 61805
Martin Bearing 25/47x12 6005-ZZN16760090Martin Bearing 25/47x12 6005-ZZN
Martin Bearing 45/58x7 6180916760100Martin Bearing 45/58x7 61809
Bearing 20/27x4 6704/C416760200Bearing 20/27x4 6704/C4
Shaft for pan M60016900060Shaft for pan M600
Martin Plastic gobobearing housing16920021Martin Plastic gobobearing housing
Martin Yoke Distanceplate, MAC2000P16920170Martin Yoke Distanceplate, MAC2000P
Martin Bearing retainer plate16920210Martin Bearing retainer plate
Dimmer plate, Mac 25017040050Dimmer plate, Mac 250
Martin Goboguide, rot.paint  MAC250,17320140Martin Goboguide, rot.paint MAC250,
21.8/14x0.3   Spring washer1770003021.8/14x0.3 Spring washer
Martin Compression spring D10/d1,25x4817720040Martin Compression spring D10/d1,25x48
Martin Tension spring D10/d1x2517740020Martin Tension spring D10/d1x25
Circular spring D18/d117760130Circular spring D18/d1
Circular spring D43/d1,4 with bend17760160Circular spring D43/d1,4 with bend
Martin Circular spring D56/d1,417760170Martin Circular spring D56/d1,4
Martin Gobo spring 4 bends, MAC 25017760190Martin Gobo spring 4 bends, MAC 250
Rotating gobo spring, MiniMAC17760250Rotating gobo spring, MiniMAC
Circular spring D41/d1,717760340Circular spring D41/d1,7
Martin Spring, base, MAC600, drilled17780030Martin Spring, base, MAC600, drilled
Spacer 17800020Spacer
5mm tapx13.5+WAF6x3.5+M3x7.5 b180001905mm tapx13.5+WAF6x3.5+M3x7.5 b
Mechanical stop, base, MAC600,18020200Mechanical stop, base, MAC600,
Pan Switch stop Pl. MAC2000P18300090Pan Switch stop Pl. MAC2000P
Martin Opto encoder wheel18400030Martin Opto encoder wheel
Martin Adaptor for codewheel, base18400040Martin Adaptor for codewheel, base
Dual D/A Microst Ctrl,PBM 39622120351Dual D/A Microst Ctrl,PBM 3962
Dual Microst Drv, PBL 3772N, D2121002Dual Microst Drv, PBL 3772N, D
Martin Dual Microst Drv, PBL 3775N, D2121005Martin Dual Microst Drv, PBL 3775N, D
ULN2803A Transistor Array2121010ULN2803A Transistor Array
Martin Plastic key for cover, black23400050Martin Plastic key for cover, black
Stiffening f.motorpl.base,M60023801390Stiffening f.motorpl.base,M600
Pl.for focus, Effect mod.,M25023801570Pl.for focus, Effect mod.,M250
Pl.focusstop,Effect mod,M25023801580Pl.focusstop,Effect mod,M250
Spacer f.gearwheel,base,MAC60023803510Spacer f.gearwheel,base,MAC600
Martin Closed cell expanded rubber 3.32023001Martin Closed cell expanded rubber 3.
MAC 500/600, Keyboard Overlay33001001MAC 500/600, Keyboard Overlay
33190082Martin WEEE label, black
Felt pad   33300500Felt pad
Plastic bag, 600x85034240006Plastic bag, 600x850
Plasticbag 250x360x40x0,04mm34240018Plasticbag 250x360x40x0,04mm
Silicone glue 732 clear, low temp. Dow C37000801Silicone glue 732 clear, low temp. Dow C
Martin Loctite 5368 black 310ml37001001Martin Loctite 5368 black 310ml
Martin Loctite 5927 red silicone high temp (SAL37001201Martin Loctite 5927 red silicone high temp (SAL
Loctite 243 10ml37021002Loctite 243 10ml
Martin Molykote D, Grease37302008Martin Molykote D, Grease
Martin 34x34x2 Heat filter Schott41102072Martin 34x34x2 Heat filter Schott
Martin Facets Prism D=47, 3 Coated41300010Martin Facets Prism D=47, 3 Coated
Gobo, Open Gobo, D22.5/d17, alu, painted43086001Gobo, Open Gobo, D22.5/d17, alu, painted
Gobo, Decentred Beam, D22.5/d17, alu, pa43086002Gobo, Decentred Beam, D22.5/d17, alu, pa
Martin Gobo, Radial Dashes, D22.5/d17, alu, pai43086003Martin Gobo, Radial Dashes, D22.5/d17, alu, pai
Gobo, Fan Hat, D22.5/d17, alu, painted43086005Gobo, Fan Hat, D22.5/d17, alu, painted
Martin Magnet 2x2x2 mm w. red mark4401102Martin Magnet 2x2x2 mm w. red mark
Martin Bal, 250W,210/60Hz,225/60Hz,224540010Martin Bal, 250W,210/60Hz,225/60Hz,22
Martin Yellow 603     MAC250 shape46404602Martin Yellow 603 MAC250 shape
Blue 104       MAC250 shape46404603Blue 104 MAC250 shape
Pink 312       MAC250 shape46404604Pink 312 MAC250 shape
Martin Magenta 507    MAC250 shape46404608Martin Magenta 507 MAC250 shape
Martin Blue 101       MAC250 shape46404609Martin Blue 101 MAC250 shape
Orange 306     MAC250 shape46404610Orange 306 MAC250 shape
Martin Blue 108  MAC250 shape46404631Martin Blue 108 MAC250 shape
Martin CTC5500-2900K V2 MAC250 shape46404633Martin CTC5500-2900K V2 MAC250 shape
Martin Purple 502 MAC250 shape46404634Martin Purple 502 MAC250 shape
Martin Green 206 MAC 250 shape46404635Martin Green 206 MAC 250 shape
Martin Red 301 MAC250 Shape46404637Martin Red 301 MAC250 Shape
Relay 12V 16A single, high cur5000001Relay 12V 16A single, high cur
Martin Fuse 0.315 AT5020004Martin Fuse 0.315 AT
Martin Fuse 4 AT 5X205020016Martin Fuse 4 AT 5X20
Martin Fuse 5 AT5020018Martin Fuse 5 AT
Martin Fuse 6.3 AT  5 x 20 mm5020020Martin Fuse 6.3 AT 5 x 20 mm
Jumper 2 Pole 2,54mm Spacing5120701Jumper 2 Pole 2,54mm Spacing
Martin Connector terminals, plastic5220501Martin Connector terminals, plastic
Martin Mains soc. chassis,flange I.E5247202Martin Mains soc. chassis,flange I.E
Martin Fuse holder H-17-FH5247204Martin Fuse holder H-17-FH
Martin Plug female angle, wire, 2 pol5323512Martin Plug female angle, wire, 2 pol
Plug female angle, wire, 4 pol5323514Plug female angle, wire, 4 pol
Martin Plug female angle, wire, 3 pol5323518Martin Plug female angle, wire, 3 pol
Martin Plug female angle, wire, 2 pol5323522Martin Plug female angle, wire, 2 pol
Martin Plug female angle, wire, 4 pol5323524Martin Plug female angle, wire, 4 pol
Martin Cable pl 2.8mm fem single5328203Martin Cable pl 2.8mm fem single
Cable plug 6.3 femalsingle iso5328405Cable plug 6.3 femalsingle iso
Martin Step motor 17PM-K105-03V Ø5/245701604Martin Step motor 17PM-K105-03V Ø5/24
Martin Step motor KH42JM2-027 Ø5/245701605Martin Step motor KH42JM2-027 Ø5/24
Martin Step motor KH42JM2-024 Ø5/245701606Martin Step motor KH42JM2-024 Ø5/24
Step motor 23KM-K203-04V5701802Step motor 23KM-K203-04V
Martin Starter 200W serial, NI 200S6020005Martin Starter 200W serial, NI 200S
Martin PCBA M250/500/600/2k disp/keyb.62000502Martin PCBA M250/500/600/2k disp/keyb.
PCBA Hall sensor MAC25062003009PCBA Hall sensor MAC250
Martin PCBA Duo Opticcal sensor 5mm ga62003015Martin PCBA Duo Opticcal sensor 5mm ga
Martin PCBA Connector  3x(1x4pol) mix62004520Martin PCBA Connector 3x(1x4pol) mix
PCBA Mains filter, 4.5A stepup62006007PCBA Mains filter, 4.5A stepup
Fan 12V DC 2.25` with plug 80m62222013Fan 12V DC 2.25` with plug 80m
Martin Fan 12V DC 3` High speed62222042Martin Fan 12V DC 3` High speed
Martin Dimmerplate L w. adaptor M25062324008Martin Dimmerplate L w. adaptor M250
Martin Dimmerplate R w. adaptor M25062324009Martin Dimmerplate R w. adaptor M250
Prisme flag, MX-10, Mac 25062324016Prisme flag, MX-10, Mac 250
Plate for rotating gobo wheel MAC 25062325021Plate for rotating gobo wheel MAC 250
MAC500 Prism lens asmb.62329001MAC500 Prism lens asmb.
Martin Timing pul.l=17mm,w.tacho,Tilt62334002Martin Timing pul.l=17mm,w.tacho,Tilt
Tuberubber,spacer,d=4 D=9 l=1362400077Tuberubber,spacer,d=4 D=9 l=13
MAC250 Prism lens asmb,w.beari62400107MAC250 Prism lens asmb,w.beari
Silicone tube d=3 D=7 L=662400134Silicone tube d=3 D=7 L=6
Martin Tim.pul.l=17mm,w. out tacho62400172Martin Tim.pul.l=17mm,w. out tacho
Casing for pan HTpaint Mac 60062400236Casing for pan HTpaint Mac 600
Adapt f. open gobo effect HT62400338Adapt f. open gobo effect HT
Martin M2x3 ph pz shiny8010402Martin M2x3 ph pz shiny
Martin M3x20 ph pz black8050408Martin M3x20 ph pz black
Martin M3x12 ph torx black8050706Martin M3x12 ph torx black
Martin M3x6 cs torx black8050802Martin M3x6 cs torx black
Martin M3 nut black8052601Martin M3 nut black
Martin M3 nut lock PA shiny8052701Martin M3 nut lock PA shiny
Martin M3 washer 3,2/7x0,5 shiny8054301Martin M3 washer 3,2/7x0,5 shiny
Martin M3 washer lock 3,2/6 black8054401Martin M3 washer lock 3,2/6 black
M4x10 ph pz black8070402M4x10 ph pz black
Martin M4x12 ph pz black8070404Martin M4x12 ph pz black
Martin M4x20 ph pz black8070408Martin M4x20 ph pz black
Martin M4x50 ph pz black8070414Martin M4x50 ph pz black
Martin M4x10 hex cap black8071002Martin M4x10 hex cap black
Martin M4x50 ch allen black8071204Martin M4x50 ch allen black
Martin M4x10 cs allen black8071301Martin M4x10 cs allen black
Martin M4x5 set allen raw8071501Martin M4x5 set allen raw
Martin M4 nut black8072601Martin M4 nut black
Martin M4 nut lock PA shiny8072701Martin M4 nut lock PA shiny
Martin M4 nut square 8x8x2,7 shiny8073001Martin M4 nut square 8x8x2,7 shiny
Martin M4 riv nut cs spline 1-3 shiny8073601Martin M4 riv nut cs spline 1-3 shiny
Martin M4 riv nut splined 1-3 shiny8073603Martin M4 riv nut splined 1-3 shiny
Martin M4 washer 4,3/12x1 black8074301Martin M4 washer 4,3/12x1 black
Martin M4 washer 4,3/14x0,8 black8074302Martin M4 washer 4,3/14x0,8 black
Martin M4 washer lock 4,3/8 black8074401Martin M4 washer lock 4,3/8 black
Martin M5x12 hex cap tapt black8091001Martin M5x12 hex cap tapt black
M5x16 ch allen black8091202M5x16 ch allen black
M6x12 ch allen black8111202M6x12 ch allen black
Martin M6x25 ch low allen black8111206Martin M6x25 ch low allen black
Martin M8x16 Allen screw Low raw8131201Martin M8x16 Allen screw Low raw
Martin 2.9x4.5 C. rec. Ph. Selftap bl8190101Martin 2.9x4.5 C. rec. Ph. Selftap bl
Martin 2.9x6.5 C. rec. Ph. Selftap sh8190102Martin 2.9x6.5 C. rec. Ph. Selftap sh
2.9x9.5 C. rec. Ph. Selftap bl81901042.9x9.5 C. rec. Ph. Selftap bl
3.5x6.3 C. rec. Ph. Selftap bl81902023.5x6.3 C. rec. Ph. Selftap bl
Martin 3.9x9.5 C. rec. Ph. Selftap bl8190301Martin 3.9x9.5 C. rec. Ph. Selftap bl
4.2x8 C. rec. Ph. Selftap blac81904014.2x8 C. rec. Ph. Selftap blac
4.2x13 Torx20 FH Selftap black81904044.2x13 Torx20 FH Selftap black
Martin Eco-syn 4x8 ph pz black8200106Martin Eco-syn 4x8 ph pz black
Eco-syn 2,2x6 cs pz shiny8200109Eco-syn 2,2x6 cs pz shiny
3.2x6  Pop Rivet Black82201013.2x6 Pop Rivet Black
Martin 3.2x8 Pop Rivet Black8220103Martin 3.2x8 Pop Rivet Black
Martin 3.2x10,8 Pop Rivet UH St.St.8220108Martin 3.2x10,8 Pop Rivet UH St.St.
6.3x0.8 Cable Spade Pop Rivet82207016.3x0.8 Cable Spade Pop Rivet
6x100 Cylinder Pin82220026x100 Cylinder Pin
Martin Ø25 shaft retaining ring raw8230104Martin Ø25 shaft retaining ring raw
22mm bore retaining ring823050222mm bore retaining ring
Martin 1/4 turn 4mm retainer shiny8240107Martin 1/4 turn 4mm retainer shiny
Martin 1/4 turn fastener, retainer8240114Martin 1/4 turn fastener, retainer
Martin 1/4-turn pedestal8240115Martin 1/4-turn pedestal
Martin Cap for 1/4-turn pedestal8240116Martin Cap for 1/4-turn pedestal
Push/pull Latch, male, plastic8240117Push/pull Latch, male, plastic
Push/pull Latch, female, plast8240118Push/pull Latch, female, plast
Martin Omega bracket,M250-300. 1/4-turn91602000Martin Omega bracket,M250-300. 1/4-turn
Martin Sylvania BA 250/2 lamp97010114Martin Sylvania BA 250/2 lamp

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