Martin Mac Encore Wash CLD EPS

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Designed to produce rich color and premium white light in a wide variety of applications... mehr
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Designed to produce rich color and premium white light in a wide variety of applications where light quality is critical, the MAC Encore™ Wash CLD is an LED-based alternative to the MAC Viper Wash DX. The feature-packed soft edge moving head offers unparalleled 6000 K crisp, neutral daylight, and doubles as a modern replacement for generic fixtures like HMI based Fresnel fixtures, with the additional benefit of color mixing and movement.

  • Unparalleled 6000 K cold white light quality
  • Super silent cooling and effects operation
  • Best-in-class size/weight/performance ratio
  • Pure white LED engine with 6000 K CCT.
  • No color temperature variation during zoom and dimming.
  • Flicker-free operation—LED driver frequency suitable for all camera applications.
  • Whisper-silent—Combines convection and forced air cooling with user-selectable output vs. sound level control.
  • Fully electronic dimmer/shutter control with various dimming curves and tungsten red-shift emulation.
  • Vibrant CMY color mixing with a superior palette of colors ranging from rich, saturated primary colors to light and smooth pastel shades.
  • Variable CTO—daylight to tungsten CCT control and expansion of the CMY palette that stays true to the black body curve.
  • Color wheel—6 interchangeable dichroic filters + open.
  • Fresnel lens: 1:4 zoom—precise, silent and fast zoom.
  • PC lens (optional): 1:5 zoom—precise, silent and fast zoom.
  • Internal barndoor system with two shutter blades and iris. Shutter blades can overlap for full blackout and the entire system rotates +/- 100°. Repeats cues with great precision.
  • Precise and tight iris with adjustable dynamic effects.
  • Animotion™ FX System—Internal dimming effect macros for stunning 3D mid-air and projection effects.
  • Super precise and silent pan/tilt movement and positioning due to 3-phase stepper motor technology and absolute position monitoring.
  • Compact size—L: 452 x W: 480 x H: 745 mm / L: 17.8 x W: 18.9 x H: 29.3 in.
  • Low weight—28.5 kg/62.9 lbs
  • Foam rubber (SIP) flight case insert for secure shipment. 
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Martin M4x10 bh torx black8070709Martin M4x10 bh torx black
Martin M4x16 bh torx black8070711Martin M4x16 bh torx black
Martin M4x8 cs torx black8070801Martin M4x8 cs torx black
Martin M4x10 cs torx black8070806Martin M4x10 cs torx black
Martin M4x5 set allen raw8071501Martin M4x5 set allen raw
Martin M4 nut lock PA shiny8072701Martin M4 nut lock PA shiny
Martin M4 riv nut splined 1-3 shiny8073603Martin M4 riv nut splined 1-3 shiny
Martin M4 screw retainer8074314Martin M4 screw retainer
Martin M5x16 bh torx black8090701Martin M5x16 bh torx black
Martin M5x12 ph torx tapt black8090704Martin M5x12 ph torx tapt black
Martin M5x12 bh torx black8090705Martin M5x12 bh torx black
Martin M5x10 fh torx tapt shoulder black8090706Martin M5x10 fh torx tapt shoulder black
Martin M5x50 bh torx shiny8090708Martin M5x50 bh torx shiny
Martin M5 screw retainer8092002Martin M5 screw retainer
M5 Washer, black8094303M5 Washer, black
Martin M6x12 bh torx black8110703Martin M6x12 bh torx black
Martin M6x16 ch allen A28111204Martin M6x16 ch allen A2
Martin Shim washer 6/12x0,5 black8114314Martin Shim washer 6/12x0,5 black
Martin Wave washer 6,4/9,7x1 s=0,18114408Martin Wave washer 6,4/9,7x1 s=0,1
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Martin 3,2x14,5 rivet st-st 1-6 shiny8220115Martin 3,2x14,5 rivet st-st 1-6 shiny
3,2x9,5 rivet st-st 1,1-4 shiny82201163,2x9,5 rivet st-st 1,1-4 shiny
Martin 4,8x12 rivet st-st 1,6-6,4 shiny8220407Martin 4,8x12 rivet st-st 1,6-6,4 shiny
Martin 4x10 Spring Pin DIN 14818222025Martin 4x10 Spring Pin DIN 1481
Martin DIA6 circlip shiny8230119Martin DIA6 circlip shiny
Martin DIA1,5 quicklock raw8230132Martin DIA1,5 quicklock raw
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Martin 1/4-turn pedestal8240115Martin 1/4-turn pedestal
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