Martin VDO Atomic Dot WRM in Cardboard

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The Martin VDO Atomic Dot WRM hybrid lighting and video fixture, also available in a CLD color... mehr
Produktinformationen "Martin VDO Atomic Dot WRM in Cardboard"

The Martin VDO Atomic Dot WRM hybrid lighting and video fixture, also available in a CLD color temperature variant, combines a small blinder, compact strobe, video-pixel and small spotlight.

By combining a video-controlled Aura backlight and a bright blinder/strobe dot in one fixture, lighting designers are empowered with greater creative potential to make a bigger impact with audiences than ever before. The fixtures’ compact design also gives designers the ability to place VDO Atomic Dots just about anywhere and deploy them in larger quantities. Integrated support for P3, DMX, Art-Net and sACN eliminates the need for additional interface boxes and onboard P3 eases pixel mapping and using the product as a video controlled blinder or strobe.

VDO Atomic Dots are ideal for rental customers and lighting designers working in concert/touring and TV show sets as well as supporting corporate and nightclub clients.

  • High power warm white beam (2700K)
  • Beam angle of 11 degrees
  • Field angle of 22 degrees
  • Pixel-controllable RGB Aura backlight
  • Compact form-factor
  • Built-in power supply (100-240V)
  • Power and Data IN & THRU via hybrid cable
  • P3, DMX, Art-Net & sACN compatible
  • Built-in pixel-FX on backlight and beam
  • Front-accessory holder for barndoors and/or diffuser/lens
  • Detachable yoke-assembly
  • Smart interlocking mechanics to build battens, arrays and creative shapes
  • Passive cooling
  • IP65-rated
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