Exterior 1200, very wide beam

Exterior 1200, very wide beam

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Exterior 1200, very wide beam

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Martin M3x7 stand off m5/f3,5 black08053806Martin M3x7 stand off m5/f3,5 black
Martin M3x23,5 stand off f7/f7 black08053816Martin M3x23,5 stand off f7/f7 black
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WIRE YE/GR 1X0,75#UL SIF 20CM11420503WIRE YE/GR 1X0,75#UL SIF 20CM
Wireset 4x0.14#,EXT1200;PL1;11700024Wireset 4x0.14#,EXT1200;PL1;
25cm CAT 5e patch cable RJ451184008825cm CAT 5e patch cable RJ45
60cm CAT 5e patch cable RJ451184010560cm CAT 5e patch cable RJ45
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Wireset PCB to module, Ext120011860174Wireset PCB to module, Ext1200
Wireset,CMY module(1),EXT120011860182Wireset,CMY module(1),EXT1200
Wireset,CMY module(2),EXT120011860183Wireset,CMY module(2),EXT1200
Martin Wire Retainer Flexible13101008Martin Wire Retainer Flexible
IP68 Cable fitting M16 x 1,5mm13102030IP68 Cable fitting M16 x 1,5mm
Martin Blanking plug M16 x 1,5mm13102050Martin Blanking plug M16 x 1,5mm
IP68 Cable fitting M20 x 1,5mm13102090IP68 Cable fitting M20 x 1,5mm
Martin Blanking plug M20 x 1,5mm13103030Martin Blanking plug M20 x 1,5mm
Martin Strap,black,high temp,2.5x9813104000Martin Strap,black,high temp,2.5x98
Martin Strap, black, 3.6x140mm13104003Martin Strap, black, 3.6x140mm
Rubber grommet DA 140/200/2013200010Rubber grommet DA 140/200/20
Martin Silicone tube 5/9 transparent14026005Martin Silicone tube 5/9 transparent
45 Tooth - Module 1,251608033045 Tooth - Module 1,25
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Mech. stop M16x1,518000350Mech. stop M16x1,5
Martin Silicone stop ø5-Ø9-L1018000450Martin Silicone stop ø5-Ø9-L10
Martin LED window for Exterior 60018640010Martin LED window for Exterior 600
Martin Polyvent, POV/M12x1, grey20400000Martin Polyvent, POV/M12x1, grey
Martin Silicone seal for Front20600550Martin Silicone seal for Front
Martin Silicone seal for Back20600560Martin Silicone seal for Back
Front Glass Seal20620140Front Glass Seal
Martin Wiring Box Seal20620150Martin Wiring Box Seal
Martin Display Cover Seal20620160Martin Display Cover Seal
Seal for Hinges20620170Seal for Hinges
Installtion Bracket for Ex120021060510Installtion Bracket for Ex1200
External Fan Cover23401720External Fan Cover
Front, Alu. Cast Ext. series23401980Front, Alu. Cast Ext. series
Outer Fan Chassis23814220Outer Fan Chassis
PCB Bracket123814840PCB Bracket1
PCB Bracket223814850PCB Bracket2
Display Cover - Ex120023815410Display Cover - Ex1200
Wiring Box, Ex1200 - Silkprint23900022Wiring Box, Ex1200 - Silkprint
Martin Display Overlay, Ext120033001086Martin Display Overlay, Ext1200
Plast bag 90x18034240001Plast bag 90x180
Silicone glue 732 clear, low temp. Dow C37000801Silicone glue 732 clear, low temp. Dow C
Martin Loctite 5927 red silicone high temp (SAL37001201Martin Loctite 5927 red silicone high temp (SAL
Loctite 243 10ml37021002Loctite 243 10ml
Martin HTC Heat Transfer Compound37041000Martin HTC Heat Transfer Compound
Martin 80uF 280VAC 50/60Hz w Spades4030082Martin 80uF 280VAC 50/60Hz w Spades
D=130 F=80 Cold Light Ref 41002066D=130 F=80 Cold Light Ref
D=300 f=235 Fresnel41204016D=300 f=235 Fresnel
Super wide angel lens, 200mm41600044Super wide angel lens, 200mm
Frontglass Ext. 120041700011Frontglass Ext. 1200
Martin Display Front, Ext1200 - auf Anfrage41704028Martin Display Front, Ext1200 - auf Anfrage
Martin Magnet 2x2x2 mm w. red mark4401102Martin Magnet 2x2x2 mm w. red mark
St-up 1200VA, 18V 180VA4521510St-up 1200VA, 18V 180VA
Martin Bal,208/60,208/50=230/60,230/54541520Martin Bal,208/60,208/50=230/60,230/5
Martin Red 308, M2kW shape46402005Martin Red 308, M2kW shape
Martin Fuse 6.3 AT 5 x 20 mm5020020Martin Fuse 6.3 AT 5 x 20 mm
Martin Fuse 10AT5020025Martin Fuse 10AT
Martin FUSE 17,5AT 10.3 x 38mm5020045Martin FUSE 17,5AT 10.3 x 38mm
Martin Fuseholder chas.4.8mm angle pl5031004Martin Fuseholder chas.4.8mm angle pl
Fuseholder chasis 10x38mm 30A5031030Fuseholder chasis 10x38mm 30A
Martin Thermostat 100°C open bend5040015Martin Thermostat 100°C open bend
Martin Connector terminals, plastic5220501Martin Connector terminals, plastic
Socket MSR 700 & 12005221203Socket MSR 700 & 1200
Mains switch 2 pole 277V 20A5523006Mains switch 2 pole 277V 20A
Power module EXT 120055504005Power module EXT 1200
Effect module EXT 120055504006Effect module EXT 1200
Fan module EXT 120055504009Fan module EXT 1200
Martin Linear actuator, Moons - 190mm5690002Martin Linear actuator, Moons - 190mm
Martin Step motor 14PM-M204-05V Ø5/245701201Martin Step motor 14PM-M204-05V Ø5/24
Martin Fan 92mm, 24V, EBM PABST Hi Sp5741212Martin Fan 92mm, 24V, EBM PABST Hi Sp
Martin Fan, Ø175 24V EBM PABST BC5742013Martin Fan, Ø175 24V EBM PABST BC
Martin CR1225 Coin Cell 3V battery5801004Martin CR1225 Coin Cell 3V battery
Martin PCBA Inrush Relay 1200W v262000141Martin PCBA Inrush Relay 1200W v2
PCBA Hall sensor Ext120062001014PCBA Hall sensor Ext1200
Martin PCBA, EXT 1200 Backplane62001016Martin PCBA, EXT 1200 Backplane
PCBA Opto DMX Interface 262001017PCBA Opto DMX Interface 2
Martin PCBA Hall sensor, new, angle62003025Martin PCBA Hall sensor, new, angle
Martin PCBA, Service - DMX Conn Ext120062004630Martin PCBA, Service - DMX Conn Ext1200
Martin PCBA Ext.1200 Display SMD62090155Martin PCBA Ext.1200 Display SMD
Martin PCBA, Ext1200 mainboard, SMD62090156Martin PCBA, Ext1200 mainboard, SMD
PCBA Ext. LED and L.sense test62090160PCBA Ext. LED and L.sense test
Front glass, display62328021Front glass, display
Magenta With toothwheel62329051Magenta With toothwheel
Cyan With toothwheel62329052Cyan With toothwheel
Yellow With toothwheel62329053Yellow With toothwheel
Dimmer With toothwheel62329054Dimmer With toothwheel
Color Wheel With toothwheel62329055Color Wheel With toothwheel
Outdoor Temp. Sensor - Ext120062334066Outdoor Temp. Sensor - Ext1200
Silicone tube, d=5 D=9 L=9 mm.62400198Silicone tube, d=5 D=9 L=9 mm.
Martin Steelwire w/safety hook Mac55062400327Martin Steelwire w/safety hook Mac550
Martin Steel wire Insulated62400459Martin Steel wire Insulated
Zoom main bracket asm62400472Zoom main bracket asm
Rear bulkhead w. nut, Ext120062400563Rear bulkhead w. nut, Ext1200
62409980Martin Heat filter module
Martin M3x6 ph torx tapt spike black8050700Martin M3x6 ph torx tapt spike black
Martin M3x8 ph torx tapt black8050701Martin M3x8 ph torx tapt black
Martin M3x8 ph torx black8050703Martin M3x8 ph torx black
Martin M3x6 cs torx black8050802Martin M3x6 cs torx black
Martin M3x4 cs torx black8050807Martin M3x4 cs torx black
Martin M3x6 cs torx tapt black8050808Martin M3x6 cs torx tapt black
Martin M3x20 cs torx tapt black8050811Martin M3x20 cs torx tapt black
M3x6 stand off f/f nylon8053804M3x6 stand off f/f nylon
Martin M3x10 stand off f/f black8053837Martin M3x10 stand off f/f black
M3x8 stand off m5/f4,5 shiny8053841M3x8 stand off m5/f4,5 shiny
Martin M3 washer 3,2/7x0,5 A28054304Martin M3 washer 3,2/7x0,5 A2
Martin M4x12 ph pz tapt black8070406Martin M4x12 ph pz tapt black
Martin M4x10 ph torx tapt spike black8070701Martin M4x10 ph torx tapt spike black
Martin M4x8 bh torx black8070708Martin M4x8 bh torx black
Martin M4x10 bh torx black8070709Martin M4x10 bh torx black
Martin M4x8 cs torx black8070801Martin M4x8 cs torx black
Martin M4x12 cs torx black8070808Martin M4x12 cs torx black
Martin M4x10 hex cap black8071002Martin M4x10 hex cap black
M4x10 ch low allen A4 ds silver8071208M4x10 ch low allen A4 ds silver
Martin M4x6 ch allen black8071211Martin M4x6 ch allen black
Martin M4x12 ch allen black8071212Martin M4x12 ch allen black
Martin M4x8 allen shoulder screw8071219Martin M4x8 allen shoulder screw
Martin M4x5 set allen raw8071501Martin M4x5 set allen raw
Martin M4x11 finger screw black8072306Martin M4x11 finger screw black
Martin M4 nut lock PA shiny8072701Martin M4 nut lock PA shiny
Martin M4 nut lock DIN980V shiny8072702Martin M4 nut lock DIN980V shiny
M4 nut knurled high black8073401M4 nut knurled high black
Martin M4 riv nut cs spline 1-3 shiny8073601Martin M4 riv nut cs spline 1-3 shiny
Martin M4x8 stand off m6/f5 shiny8073802Martin M4x8 stand off m6/f5 shiny
Martin M4x27 stand off f/f black8073811Martin M4x27 stand off f/f black
M4x30 stand off f9/f9 shiny8073812M4x30 stand off f9/f9 shiny
M4x42 stand off f9/f9 black8073814M4x42 stand off f9/f9 black
M4x47 stand off f/f black8073817M4x47 stand off f/f black
M4x18 stand off m6/f7 black8073820M4x18 stand off m6/f7 black
Martin M4 washer 4,3/14x0,8 black8074302Martin M4 washer 4,3/14x0,8 black
Martin M4 washer lock 4,3/8 black8074401Martin M4 washer lock 4,3/8 black
Martin M5x30 ch allen black8091203Martin M5x30 ch allen black
M5 Hex nut black8092601M5 Hex nut black
Martin M6x16 Hex cap screw raw8111003Martin M6x16 Hex cap screw raw
Martin M6x10 ch low allen black8111201Martin M6x10 ch low allen black
M6x65 ch low allen black8111218M6x65 ch low allen black
M6x16 cs allen A2 ds silver8111303M6x16 cs allen A2 ds silver
Martin M6 washer d1=6,4, d2=18 s=1,68114306Martin M6 washer d1=6,4, d2=18 s=1,6
M10x17mm safety eye bolt8151902M10x17mm safety eye bolt
Martin 3.9x9.5 C. rec. Ph. Selftap bl8190301Martin 3.9x9.5 C. rec. Ph. Selftap bl
3.2x6 Pop Rivet Black82201013.2x6 Pop Rivet Black
Martin 3.2x8 Pop Rivet Black8220103Martin 3.2x8 Pop Rivet Black
Martin 3.2x10 Pop rivet steel black8220105Martin 3.2x10 Pop rivet steel black
Spacer 8261011Spacer
Martin Philips MSD 1200 1CT single lamp97010313Martin Philips MSD 1200 1CT single lamp

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