Exterior 400, EU Model, Aluminium

Exterior 400, EU Model, Aluminium

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For lighting designs requiring uniform color washes at great distances, the Exterior 400™... mehr
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For lighting designs requiring uniform color washes at great distances, the Exterior 400™ provides extremely bright light (5300 lm) at narrow to wide beam angles. Great for lighting the tops of structures, up-lighting columns or reaching across long spaces, the Exterior 400 also broadens your choice of colors by mixing red, green, blue and white LEDs.

The Exterior 400™ Range

The outdoor installation market now has the best combination of powerful, compact and energy-efficient LED light fixtures. No matter the application - long or short throw, cold or warm white, dynamic or static color - the Exterior 400 Range does it all.

  • Extremely bright fixture with full color mixing
  • Very high efficacy
  • Ideal for long throw applications
  • Extremely bright (5300 lm)
  • Broad color palette (RGBW)
  • Very low power consumption (max 139 W)
  • Choice of beam angles - 7.5°, 14.5°, 31°, 57°
  • Color calibration ensuring uniform colors across fixtures
  • Internal power and control
  • Super rugged IP65 housing
  • Choice of white, black or aluminum housing
  • 0 – 100% intensity control
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Martin Silicone tube 5/9 transparent14026005Martin Silicone tube 5/9 transparent
Martin Timing wheel T2,5 z=24 std16000210Martin Timing wheel T2,5 z=24 std
Timing wheel T2,5-48 M2k16000220Timing wheel T2,5-48 M2k
Martin Timing belt T2,5-177,5-04 CF16040430Martin Timing belt T2,5-177,5-04 CF
Martin Timing belt T2,5-200-04 CF16040440Martin Timing belt T2,5-200-04 CF
Martin Timing belt T2,5-265-04 CF16040470Martin Timing belt T2,5-265-04 CF
Silicone spur gear MAC 55016080260Silicone spur gear MAC 550
Martin Iris Spur Gear, m=0,7, z=13216080780Martin Iris Spur Gear, m=0,7, z=132
Martin Gasket, NBR, 28mm x 2mm16120050Martin Gasket, NBR, 28mm x 2mm
Martin Carrier M8x116170170Martin Carrier M8x1
Threaded Shaft M8x116170180Threaded Shaft M8x1
Martin Sliding bearing 6/10x10 Bronz16700200Martin Sliding bearing 6/10x10 Bronz
Martin Flange Bearing MFM-0610-1016700320Martin Flange Bearing MFM-0610-10
Martin 150ect Wheel Axle16720600Martin 150ect Wheel Axle
Zoom Axel 16720610Zoom Axel
Bearing 5/11x5 685-ZZ N316760131Bearing 5/11x5 685-ZZ N3
Martin Bearing 20/27x4 6704-ZZ/C216760210Martin Bearing 20/27x4 6704-ZZ/C2
Bearing 30/37x4 6706-ZISNR/C416760290Bearing 30/37x4 6706-ZISNR/C4
Martin Flanged bushing ø6x2,5016780250Martin Flanged bushing ø6x2,50
Martin Linear ball bushing LMEK8LUU-BR L55/016800070Martin Linear ball bushing LMEK8LUU-BR L55/0
Martin CPT90 LED Lens Holder17201680Martin CPT90 LED Lens Holder
Martin Tension spring D4/d0,55x21,217740090Martin Tension spring D4/d0,55x21,2
Martin Conical spring for gobo Ø27,917760380Martin Conical spring for gobo Ø27,9
Martin Spring for diffuser17780730Martin Spring for diffuser
Martin LED window for Exterior 60018640010Martin LED window for Exterior 600
Martin Plate for LED, Ext. 200 LED18640045Martin Plate for LED, Ext. 200 LED
Martin Adaptor for bracket, Ext. 20019060130Martin Adaptor for bracket, Ext. 200
Martin Brake disc, Ext. 20019060140Martin Brake disc, Ext. 200
Martin Cover for adaptor, Ext. 20019060150Martin Cover for adaptor, Ext. 200
Nut for adaptor, Ext. 20019060160Nut for adaptor, Ext. 200
Martin Polyvent, POV/M12x1, grey20400000Martin Polyvent, POV/M12x1, grey
Martin Blowhole gore M12x1.520400020Martin Blowhole gore M12x1.5
Martin End Seal, Effect module20600075Martin End Seal, Effect module
Martin End Seal, Power module20600095Martin End Seal, Power module
Martin Seal for frontglass20600166Martin Seal for frontglass
Martin Gasket type 987PERB/1120620480Martin Gasket type 987PERB/11
Martin Gasket type 987PERB/0920620490Martin Gasket type 987PERB/09
Martin Mounting bracket, Ext 200 w. silkprint21020730Martin Mounting bracket, Ext 200 w. silkprint
Single LED lens cover23003392Single LED lens cover
Profile Exterior 400 IP, LED section23202511Profile Exterior 400 IP, LED section
Profile Exterior 400 IP, Power section23202512Profile Exterior 400 IP, Power section
Heat sink, aluminium, Exterior 400 IP23403200Heat sink, aluminium, Exterior 400 IP
Fan cover, aluminium, Exterior 400 IP23403210Fan cover, aluminium, Exterior 400 IP
Cooling plate for driver cap23806122Cooling plate for driver cap
Lens Support InLED One23819820Lens Support InLED One
Aparture Plate InLED One23819830Aparture Plate InLED One
Effect module mounting plate, left23820347Effect module mounting plate, left
Effect module mounting plate, right23820348Effect module mounting plate, right
Effect Module mounting spacer, left23820357Effect Module mounting spacer, left
Effect Module mounting spacer, right23820358Effect Module mounting spacer, right
Plastic bag, 600x85034240006Plastic bag, 600x850
Plasticbag 250x360x40x0,04mm34240018Plasticbag 250x360x40x0,04mm
Loctite 243 10ml37021002Loctite 243 10ml
Martin HTC Heat Transfer Compound37041000Martin HTC Heat Transfer Compound
Martin Thermal Pad - Fujipoly Sarcon 30X-HE37041006Martin Thermal Pad - Fujipoly Sarcon 30X-HE
Martin Silica Gel anti-humidity sachet incl. 8%37220000Martin Silica Gel anti-humidity sachet incl. 8%
Focus lens f=62 smartMAC41203074Focus lens f=62 smartMAC
Martin CPT90 LED Lens41350037Martin CPT90 LED Lens
LXP real spot lens41350042LXP real spot lens
Martin Iris Ø69-Ø48 MAC 35041500120Martin Iris Ø69-Ø48 MAC 350
Martin Diffuser Narrow Exterior 400 range41600122Martin Diffuser Narrow Exterior 400 range
Martin Diffuser Medium Exterior 400 range41600123Martin Diffuser Medium Exterior 400 range
Martin Diffuser Wide Exterior 400 range41600124Martin Diffuser Wide Exterior 400 range
Martin Frontglass Ø212x641700013Martin Frontglass Ø212x6
Martin Gobo, Dot Breakup Small, D27.9/d23, bw g43072009Martin Gobo, Dot Breakup Small, D27.9/d23, bw g
Martin Gobo, Tight Stripple, D27.9/d23, bw glas43072011Martin Gobo, Tight Stripple, D27.9/d23, bw glas
Martin Magnet 2x2x2 mm w. red mark4401102Martin Magnet 2x2x2 mm w. red mark
Martin 3 Amp. T fuse5020062Martin 3 Amp. T fuse
Retaining clip TO2205061007Retaining clip TO220
Transistor clip for heatsink5061014Transistor clip for heatsink
Martin Thermal gap filler 7.5x13x25061018Martin Thermal gap filler 7.5x13x2
Martin Thermal pad MAC401 dual, PSU5061028Martin Thermal pad MAC401 dual, PSU
Thermal Pad w. glue 20x30mm5061030Thermal Pad w. glue 20x30mm
Crimp Contact5328421Crimp Contact
55235060Effect module Exterior 400 IP
Martin SMPS assy Exterior 40055506000Martin SMPS assy Exterior 400
55523012Fan module for power
Martin Step motor 17PM-K105-09VS Ø5/245701612Martin Step motor 17PM-K105-09VS Ø5/24
Martin Guard for fan 4, stainless steel, black5749002Martin Guard for fan 4, stainless steel, black
Martin CR1225 Coin Cell 3V battery5801004Martin CR1225 Coin Cell 3V battery
Martin PCBA Mainsfilter62006028Martin PCBA Mainsfilter
62050015Martin PCBA Mainboard with application SW
Martin PCBA Hallsensor univer.SMD62090166Martin PCBA Hallsensor univer.SMD
Martin PCBA Tempsensor 10K univer.SMD62090175Martin PCBA Tempsensor 10K univer.SMD
Martin PCBA Ext. 200 LED+Light sensor62090183Martin PCBA Ext. 200 LED+Light sensor
62090226Martin PCBA Exterior 400 IP Display
62110037Martin PCBA Isolated DMX interface no XLR Exter
Martin FAN 50mm Axial DC 24V with Plug(Sunan)62222094Martin FAN 50mm Axial DC 24V with Plug(Sunan)
62222100Martin IP65 fan module
Martin Color wheel, 8 colors62326078Martin Color wheel, 8 colors
Martin Color filter M01 Blue B04-6 w. adaptor62327198Martin Color filter M01 Blue B04-6 w. adaptor
Martin Color filter M01 Orange B09-6 w. adaptor62327201Martin Color filter M01 Orange B09-6 w. adaptor
Martin Gobo wheel Mac 550 HT paint62400278Martin Gobo wheel Mac 550 HT paint
Belt pulley 62400314Belt pulley
Martin Gobo adaptor with bearing MAC 55062400319Martin Gobo adaptor with bearing MAC 550
Center adaptor with bearings62400321Center adaptor with bearings
Martin Steel wire Insulated62400459Martin Steel wire Insulated
62400941Driver chassis
62400979Wire set fix plate assem.
62401050Frontgable assy
Tension pulley assembly Right62406103Tension pulley assembly Right
Tension pulley assembly Left62406104Tension pulley assembly Left
Martin Focus Lens asm MAC 35062407262Martin Focus Lens asm MAC 350
Rot gobo wheel without gobos MAC 35062407265Rot gobo wheel without gobos MAC 350
Dimmer PCB Assembly w. PEM62407269Dimmer PCB Assembly w. PEM
Effect Chassis w. PEM62407275Effect Chassis w. PEM
62410057Back cover with silkscreen
Martin M2x4 cs pz A2 black8010502Martin M2x4 cs pz A2 black
Martin M2,5x6 cs torx tapt black8030801Martin M2,5x6 cs torx tapt black
Martin M2,5x8 cs torx tapt black8030802Martin M2,5x8 cs torx tapt black
Martin M3x8 ph torx black8050703Martin M3x8 ph torx black
Martin M3x12 ph torx black8050706Martin M3x12 ph torx black
Martin M3x10 ph torx black8050709Martin M3x10 ph torx black
Martin M3x12 cs torx black8050801Martin M3x12 cs torx black
Martin M3x6 cs torx black8050802Martin M3x6 cs torx black
Martin M3x4 cs torx black8050807Martin M3x4 cs torx black
Martin M3x6 cs torx tapt black8050808Martin M3x6 cs torx tapt black
Martin M3x10 cs torx black8050810Martin M3x10 cs torx black
Martin M3x16 cs torx black8050812Martin M3x16 cs torx black
Martin M3 nut black8052601Martin M3 nut black
Martin M3 nut lock PA shiny8052701Martin M3 nut lock PA shiny
M3x12 stand off m4/f6,5 shiny8053809M3x12 stand off m4/f6,5 shiny
Martin M3x12 stand off m6/f7 black8053810Martin M3x12 stand off m6/f7 black
M3x8 stand off m5/f4,5 shiny8053841M3x8 stand off m5/f4,5 shiny
Martin M3 washer 3,2/7x0,5 shiny8054301Martin M3 washer 3,2/7x0,5 shiny
Martin M3 washer 3,2/9x0,8 PA8054302Martin M3 washer 3,2/9x0,8 PA
Martin M3 washer 3,2/9x0,8 black8054307Martin M3 washer 3,2/9x0,8 black
Martin M3 washer lock 3,2/6 black8054401Martin M3 washer lock 3,2/6 black
Martin M4x50 ph pz black8070414Martin M4x50 ph pz black
Martin M4x6 bh torx ds black8070700Martin M4x6 bh torx ds black
Martin M4x10 ph torx tapt spike black8070701Martin M4x10 ph torx tapt spike black
Martin M4x8 bh torx black8070708Martin M4x8 bh torx black
Martin M4x10 bh torx black8070709Martin M4x10 bh torx black
Martin M4x16 cs torx black8070807Martin M4x16 cs torx black
Martin M4x12 ch allen black8071212Martin M4x12 ch allen black
Martin M4x5 set allen raw8071501Martin M4x5 set allen raw
Martin M4 nut lock PA shiny8072701Martin M4 nut lock PA shiny
Martin M4x8 stand off m6/f5 shiny8073802Martin M4x8 stand off m6/f5 shiny
M4x42 stand off f9/f9 black8073814M4x42 stand off f9/f9 black
Martin M4 washer 4,1/10x1,25 shiny8074303Martin M4 washer 4,1/10x1,25 shiny
Martin M4 washer lock 4,3/8 black8074401Martin M4 washer lock 4,3/8 black
Martin M6x16 ch allen A28111204Martin M6x16 ch allen A2
Martin M6x25 ch allen A4 ds silver8111213Martin M6x25 ch allen A4 ds silver
Martin M6x25 cs allen A4 ds silver8111312Martin M6x25 cs allen A4 ds silver
Martin M6 Washer Stainless steel8114302Martin M6 Washer Stainless steel
Martin Shim washer 6/12x0,5 black8114314Martin Shim washer 6/12x0,5 black
Martin Wave washer 6,4/9,7x1 s=0,18114408Martin Wave washer 6,4/9,7x1 s=0,1
2.9x13 C.rec. Selftap shiny81901072.9x13 C.rec. Selftap shiny
Martin TC1 2,9x9,5 ph torx black8200124Martin TC1 2,9x9,5 ph torx black
Martin Eco-syn 5x16 ph torx black8200127Martin Eco-syn 5x16 ph torx black
Martin 3.2x10 Pop rivet steel black8220105Martin 3.2x10 Pop rivet steel black
Circlip DIN6799 for D10mm axle8230124Circlip DIN6799 for D10mm axle
Martin Spacer ø3,3/ø5x5 brass8261002Martin Spacer ø3,3/ø5x5 brass
Martin Spacer Ateco, Black8261202Martin Spacer Ateco, Black
Martin PG11 Nut, Polyamid, Grey8330103Martin PG11 Nut, Polyamid, Grey
Martin PG9 Nut, Polyamid, Grey8330115Martin PG9 Nut, Polyamid, Grey

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